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Teaming Up with a Premier Israeli Marketing Agency.
Our joint mission: connect indie artists with a global audience in the vast digital expanse.

Spotlight on the Characters: Diving into the WIPs.
An inside look at the characters in their raw, transformative stages. Adding life to the digital avatars.

Fashion Fusion: Signature Brands Join the Fray.
G-Star RAW, Herschel, and Vans aren't just names; they're an identity. Our characters sport a touch of these brands, capturing their iconic essence.

When Indie Bands Embrace Web3.
Characters that not only look the part but feel it. Representing indie bands as they venture into the Web3 domain, the designs reverberate with the bands' core musical vibes.

A Platform for Emerging Talent.
Fresh, bold, and innovative - our designs resonate with the brilliance of young visual artists and animators, showcasing their potential and vision.

The WIP images offer just a peek into the characters. Each design tells a story, embodying the project's mission to celebrate and uplift indie art in the Web3 space.

See the full project here.

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